This is our Free - Annual Event - Open to the General Public

PRIDEducation happens around Pride month (June) each year and includes special guest speakers from the LGBTQIA2S+ community, delicious food vendors, fun gift vendors, resources for the queer community and their loved ones, entertainment, and carnival-style games! 

This all-ages event includes educational aspects to help those who are looking for more information/resources/understanding of the LGBTQIA2S+ community. 

We Highly Recommend attending this event at Least once, no matter how well-versed (or not) you are with LGBTQ+ education and culture!

The Snow Ball

- In Collaboration with Nicole Young from Yo DJ Entertainment -

A Memory to Last a Lifetime!

The Snow Ball is an opportunity for adults (18+) to create new and better memories than those they were left with from their high school prom. This is a chance to attend a beautiful formal dance with the correct gender of 'special someone', presenting authentically, or just showing up to have a great time!

The Snow Ball also offers an exquisitely catered on-site dinner with delicious specialty mocktail or cocktail options, private entrance and dressing areas, and professional makeup and hair styling options.

As with any event from Rainbow Alliance Advocacy, The Snow Ball is a fully affirming, Pride-positive, Safe Space. Professional security is provided. All-gender restrooms available.

For this series of LGBTQ+ and Allies Safe Space Events, Rainbow Alliance Advocacy, Inc. excitingly partners with various local organizations that specialize in promoting positive experiences in outdoor spaces, to add the word Thrive to Pride.  

A series of LGBTQ+ and Allies Safe Space Events that focus on normalizing LGBTQ+ culture in mainstream activities. This is a place to be Out and Proud, regardless of how things may feel in one's everyday life. These Pride-positive events are always all-ages for part of the event and we highly encourage families and LGBTQ+ youth to attend. Why do we have to wait for June to celebrate queer Pride, when we can Thrive every month at Gayme Night?!? 

Professional Development 

These affordable seminars include options like:

Resume building skills

Finding a job with upward mobility 

Entrepreneurship and small business ownership